Danielle Nguyen


Danielle Nguyen

I can't wait for the future of girls who are unrestrained and  unafraid of the power they hold within them.

At this year's Coachella, one of my FAVORITE sets was Schoolboy Q (TDE REPPIN'). To be completely honest, I hadn't listened to his Blank Face LP Album prior to going and regardless it was pretty fucking awesome. During the end of the set, he was talking about his life (I love when artist do this btw); about how he was struggling, and had it not been for his daughter, he would have probably been dead. She saved his life. 

It made me feel some type of way to see Schoolboy Q give credit to his daughter for being the force in his life that he needed to change him. I'm not gonna go on a rant about how without women in this world, where would ANYONE be, but I mean actually though...where would anyone be??? 

Fuck it, I'm gonna go on that tangent.

Women are the force of the world that get taken for granted the most. They go unnoticed everyday because they are EXPECTED to be certain things. They are expected to be caring, nurturing, sympathetic, and put together by nature. As if these things actually do come naturally(--they don't. It's hard work to give a shit when you really don't). Think about all the moments in your life where you depended on a woman, taking advantage of her strengths to take as what you believed was your right. It's not just men who are guilty of this, but women as well. Women everyday hold expectations of one another that can seem to be unfair. We see examples of this when women tear one another down, criticizing one another because a fellow female did not uphold to her expectations. 

 This shirt Schoolboy Q sold at Coachella promotes the empowerment of his daughter and females of color around the world who for too long have been told where their place is in the world and that they are limited.  The shirt represents the uplifting of women to understand that they choose their future and place within society and above all else, that we are limitless.

If you need another reason to love Schoolboy a portion of the proceed from the sales was donated to Girls for a Change non-profit organization. 

Girls for a Change is an organization that supports girls of color by inspiring them and providing them the basis and understanding of their potential in the world and the communities around them. I fuxwiddit. 

We're surrounded by some really negative shit in the media and everyday life however, seeing girls, boys, people supporting other girls is an amazing movement. I can't wait for the future of girls who are unrestrained and  unafraid of the power they hold within them.  HOLLLLAAAAA

So, all I can really say now is: I CANNOT WAIT. I cannot wait to live in a world where girls rule and boys drool (lol jk). But really though, a world where a woman being in a leadership role is not something that is out of the ordinary or a women being in any role of power is out of the ordinary. I cannot wait for a world where there is equality between the sexes and a woman does not need to be questioned about her credentials at any point in her success.