Danielle Nguyen


Danielle Nguyen

Once you start to contain yourself within a singular idea of success, you're restraining your ambitions and potential with limits. 

When I was having my quarter life crisis last year, I was at the lowest I ever was in my life. It was the first time where I was someone who didn't know what to do and as a result, where to start. Ever since I was young, I always had a plan set out for success. I researched what to do to get to where I wanted to be. The process was all very very streamline. It was always a timeline of check boxes like, "Okay, in 1 year I must have completed this, and in 3 years I need to be here. If not there then at least here." Years later, I realized that the streamline process of how I planned out my life was suuuppper inorganic, high key control freak, and overall cray. 

First, nothing in life is guaranteed so why go about planning out each year to a T of where you need to be? I definitely understand that it is critical to have a vision for your future and an idea of what you would determine as success, but success shouldn't be measured by how much money or power you have, but instead if you're happy (*ding ding* thank about that kids). 

Second, the biggest issue I had during my "lost time" was that I thought I had to choose only one path, one profession, one thing to pursue and that was it. Was I crazy?! No. I actually think this is what most people starting out in their careers or thinking about what they want to be usually think. They only go after one path with the idea that this is what I need to focus on to be successful. I am here to tell you that that's not true! No, you don't have to focus on being a this or a that because it makes you money. You can actually do this and that and the other thing too because you LIKE doing them. So as a result, don't give up on all all the other aspirations you had that brought you joy. No, please don't do that.  As a dimensional human, multiple layers of interests are what make you a person. If you only liked one thing then....you're probs just a robot so this post is not for you. 

For me personally, I had the issue of going into Fashion vs. Healthcare and I was really torn.  I had spent my life grooming my resume and life towards the latter to ensure I had a successful career in the healthcare industry (Mission Accomplished? TBD) . However, through out the time of planning out each step, I realized that time and time again, my passion for fashion (lol) was still there and suppressing it made me think: What if? The battle I had with choosing one route over the other instead of both made me feel uninspired, unmotivated and indecisive aka the hopeless version of myself.

Usually people get pats on the back for taking the road less traveled aka the road with less money usually determined as the: creative route, but I think more acknowledgment should be given to the person who does it all. The person who is limitless. 

It's obviously important to make a living, because you know...life. But when you're choosing your path, don't compromise your happiness because you think you can't do it all or because you believe it's more practical to go one route or the other. Instead think about what makes you happy, the more the better--it kinda just says you're ambitious AF and ain't nothing wrong with that.


A little unrelated--but here are some pictures of my favorite items of the moment...kinda related because they make me happy.   



Loafer Slides: Gucci 

Fur Purse: Diane Von Furstenburg 

Jewelry: Zara 

Teapot: Teavana 

Succulents: DIY