Danielle Nguyen


Danielle Nguyen

A wise Drake once said, "Things change, people change, feelings change too. Never thought the circumstances would have changed you."

 Spring is officially here! Spring represents change and transformation. You see the movement of seasons and the growth of the nature around you. It. is. beautiful. Most of all, I cannot express how happy I am that there is still daylight when I leave work every single day. 

With the changing seasons, I've been thinking about one of the realest statements I've ever heard growing up, "The only constant is change". A very slap you back to reality (ohp there goes gravity) statement to the idea that nobody likes change, this saying seems to be in turbo mode for my current life and I think many other 20 somethings lives as well. From periods prior to your 20s, change comes at a predictable and gradual rate. What I'm talking about is the gradual incline of success you felt in school and life. You were given the perfect formula to follow. You finish your assignments, get good grades, and move to the next class up. The change you experience is very predictable because everyone else is also experiencing the same changes as well. It's only after you graduate from whatever schooling level you chose to be at, that the change in your life and the lives around you start to move at different rates. 

For some, the different rate of change results in existential crisis. You question everything you've done up until this point. You questions if the formula you followed has lead you to the right location and you questions why you so blindly followed if the location is not where you want to be. For others, it results in soul searching. They come to challenge their lifestyles and understanding of if their success produces happiness and if not, why. For all, the different rate in change will result in personal development, understanding, and appreciation of current relationships and friendships... or not. 

During your 20s, you focus on yourself. It's your time to decide who you want to be and what makes you happy. I am my number one priority. If friendships are lost along the way, I'm not one to dwell on it. For me, true friendship is when you reconnect and it seems like nothing has changed when in reality everything has. It may sound selfish but your days ones are your day ones for a reason. They are the ones who welcome change, inspire you, and are inspired by you. They are the ones who accept that there will be moments where you aren't as close as you use to be, and you're busy putting yourself first instead of them, These are the people who allow you to prioritize yourself over them sometimes--and this is such a rare quality. These past few years, I've changed a lot and I've definitely lost connection with some people but for the people who have stayed through and through and provided me with support, patience, and substance, you have my heart. 




Velvet slip dress: Zara

Nude mule flats: Calvin Klein