Danielle Nguyen


Danielle Nguyen

It's about the satisfaction of the rush, the belief that you've won and strategically hustled the players of the game. It's an addiction--all encompassing and controlling: Bargain Shopping.

My name is Danielle and I am a shopaholic. 

Yes, there you go mother, I admit it. Now, despite the realization of my terrible addiction, I've found the brighter side to things. While some may be luxury shopaholics, the lord had mercy on me and made me a bargain shopaholic. In an argument to defend myself, the items I buy are almost NEVER full price. I am a smart shopper.  The thrill of a good sale lasts for weeks and I am proud to say that I am strong enough to wait until the very end to purchase. AKA when they're basically PAYING YOU to buy the garment. I mean when a Zara Khaki Jumpsuit use to be $129.00 and is now on sale for $19.99 don't you dare tell me you'd pass that opportunity up.  I lurk, exhibit patience, some level of self control, and the reduced price items are my prize.

Okay, okay, okay. I'm not going to sit here and try to convince you (and myself) that the excessive amount of time I spend online shopping and thinking about shopping and actually shopping is on the better side of the spectrum (even though it is), no...I guess...let's dive into the why. 

WHY. Does shopping feel so good and provide me with such satisfaction? WHY GOD WHY. WHY COULDN'T I JUST BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO WORK OUT FOR HAPPINESS? *insert tears here for dramatic effect* The truth of the matter is, fashion has always served as an outlet for my creative expression and shopping allows me to continually feed my creativity. My outfit is the first thing I say to anyone and everyone and this is very important to me. 

On personal belief, I would rather have someone dress completely outrageous and loud if only this was the true representation of their actual personality. There are countless times when I'm about to walk out of the house or into work and people ask me, "Danielle what the hell are you wearing" and I'm just like "what?" as if my outfit is but a t-shirt and jeans. I know the way I dress is not normal (especially in the Silicon Valley... Hello cross-body bags, Patagonia, and polo shirts...) but it's what makes me the happiest. Every article of clothing that I've bought for myself represents another love story. I don't just shop to shop, I only purchase when I fall in love. 

With this confession turned self-actualization post, I have come to realize that I'm not a shopaholic--I don't HAVE to buy things, I only purchase the items I find infatuate me and hit me with the warm fuzzies. As many would advise, do not apologize for your happiness, so I'm not going to. I love the creativity that stems from fashion and the ability for one single purchase to inspire so much creativity in me. So yes, I acknowledge this borderline dangerous addiction. However, I think as long as you realize that it's not actually the new stuff that makes you feel good, it's the inspiration of a new wave of endless possibilities of creation, aesthetic, and personal fashion then...issall goood. 



Pants: Zara 

Watch: Casio

Heels: Zara

Purse: Nordstrom Rack 

Necklace: Haati Chai 

Lipstick: MAC 

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