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The future is ♀

Danielle Nguyen
The future is ♀



2017 has definitely come in thrashing, full force, and hit everyone in the face with a BANG. With the Trump Administration's official inauguration, it seems like every single day that passes is another up-roar with the political changes in our government. There is SO MUCH to say about what has happened so far and we're going to need a never-ending supply to markers, paint, and posters to protest the shit out of this presidency. When the votes came in last November, I was in shock and outraged and now, as the actions are taking place, my feelings remain the same. 

Truthfully, I began the 2017 year with hope because as I (and many others) thought, when you've hit rock bottom, you can't go any lower right? WRONG. As Rachel so profoundly said, "there's rock bottom, 50 feet of crap, then...me." Never forget. Things. Can. Get. Worse. and it's our job to not let it do so.  

As a woman, it seems like we've taken some steps back in our progress towards equality(or what I just getting what we deserve). Trump being voted president really popped my liberal California bubble of oblivion and served me up a piece of reality. The defunding of planned parenthood and international groups supporting women's health, the election of a man who encompasses all aspects of misogyny, and the continual efforts to reduce the freedom and rights of women by government officials are a few examples of how lightly the issue of women's rights are being taken here in The States.  

From the start, women have been perceived as the lesser of genders and in the last 100 years, there was progress and efforts towards equality. Despite our setbacks recently, it's important to not give up on this fight. It is important to take a stand for what you believe in. I believe that the future is female and our days of being less than are coming to an end. Women should be able to make their own choices about their bodies. The personal beliefs of others should never take precedence over the well-being of women and their health. Most importantly, women should determine and discuss the executive orders that affect their livelihood, not men. It is time to realize that we are not as progressive as we think we are and there is great room for improvement. The time to create a society of equal rights and respect is severely overdue. The future is female and the time to rise is now. 


Beanie: Married to the Mob X Urban Outfitters 

Sneakers/Hoodie: Adidas 

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