Danielle Nguyenfashion


Danielle Nguyenfashion

As many other fashionistas can attest to; when all else fails--WEAR BLACK.

Weeks ago, I attended a funeral of a family friend who had cancer for quite some time and unfortunately passed away after giving the strongest of fights. While the situation was devastating, the funeral was actually such a wonderful experience. Growing up, we're taught that funerals are a representation of the loss of a loved one. However, with every year that passes, I really see funerals as simply the last chance a person has to celebrate the life they lead. 

Your life is defined by who you influence and who influences you. Life is a cultivation of relationships that will determine more than just your Friday and Saturday nights of socialization. These relationships are what represent you as a person. As they say, you are an average of your closest friends. So, bear this in mind, when you're gone it's these people who will keep your memory alive. 

So all, live an unrestrained life. Do not hold back. Do everything you wish and want to do. Most of all tend to the relationships and people that matter to you. Because, when your time comes and you're looking down at your funeral you should definitely be thinking--Yup, nailed it.

This is the outfit I wore to the funeral however I ended up looking very out of place. It was a CELEBRATION OF LIFE and people were dressed to the nines in variations of color. 


Faux Fur: Elie Tahari 

Mock Neck Sweater-Thrifted 

Trousers-Forever 21

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